Blue Voyage

So, what is the blue voyage that is so fascinating?

Blue Voyage can be defined as an unforgettable holiday experience that will make you long for unforgettable moments as you move towards the unknown of the sea waiting to present you with its perfect beauties.

Life on the blue voyage is quite simple and enjoyable at the same time. Blue voyage offers you to fall into a unique sleep by watching the stars from the deck; It offers to start the day by watching the sunrise.

You can offer a better start to your day with a short morning swim before you have your breakfast, accompanied by the sounds of waves and the first rays of the sun in a clean oxygen environment. Before swimming in many different destinations, you stop by the historical bays, discover the natural beauties and spend a pleasant time enjoying the day in the bays where you anchor.

After making your lunches more enjoyable with a cove and view of your choice, you can choose the bay where you will stay in the evening and turn your route there.

At the port of your choice, you can explore the surroundings, swim in the sea or, to make your evening meals more enjoyable, you can catch fish and enjoy the sunset by spending a good time with natural feeding.

After completing your dinner under the stars with pleasant breezes and a pleasant conversation, you can listen to music or read a book and end the day in the moonlight with a very happy conversation about what has been done or tomorrow's plan.

While just the summary of your one-day meeting with the blue gives peace of mind, we would like to point out that the best way to reward yourself is the blue cruise.